Inspection Services

In order to encourage and ensure credibility, accountability, integrity and transparency in First Nations’ charitable gaming, IGR will receive and respond appropriately to complaints from the public or charitable organizations regarding charitable gaming.

Complaints regarding IGR licensed charitable lottery schemes on First Nations and table games at SIGA Casinos. This policy-based process will ensure that all complaints are handled in a fair and consistent manner.

IGR’s Inspection Services Department is responsible to conduct inspections of licensed table games at all seven Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority casinos. IGR inspectors conduct live inspections from the casino floor as well as video reviews from the surveillance room to monitor compliance with the rules and procedures identified in the SIGA Live Games Manual, as well as the Terms and Conditions for SIGA Table Games.

Inspection Services also conducts inspections of on-reserve charitable gaming events in order to confirm the integrity of charitable gaming operations, and to monitor compliance with the terms and conditions of the Bingo, Breakopen, Texas Hold’em, Raffle (Chase the Ace) or Monte Carlo license issued by IGR.

The Inspection Services Department also conduct investigations arising from cheating at play or player complaints at either SIGA Casino table games or on-reserve charitable gaming events.